Horse riding centres Maremma

Horse riding centres Maremma

Tuscany, and expecially Maremma, is known as a land where every human activities was carried out on horse-back: agriculture-labour, going to school on a gig - just to quote two out of several. Horse riding was such as car-driving today: a mere necessity! Due to that, a local thoroughbreed developed over the Etruscan territories: the breed Maremman Horse, which boasts his royal magnificence, dark coloured, proud of his stamina and good all around ability. In the local riding school, are also available Dutch Horses, Belgians, American Quarter-Horses…; while the littlest ponies will be the children’s pal; there are stableyards, with fully equipped boxes and saddlery: clients can also bring their own horse. The most popular folkloristic events, put the cattle “merca” (iron-branding) on, with local Butteri on horse-back: a real Italian “rodeo”. There are a plenty of riding-programs: for example the discovery of Etruscan places , from the pinewood down to the seashore. The skilled guides knowledge of the territory come from their love for Maremma, and all this will make the visitor love it too!

2 Horse riding centres


Corte degli Ulivi

Str. Dello Sbirro
58100 - Roselle Terme (GR)


Terre Regionali Toscane

Loc. Spergolaia- Alberese
58100 - Alberese (GR)