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Cathedral Of San Lorenzo

Cathedral Of San Lorenzo

he main church of Grosseto is San Lorenzo Cathedral. It replaces the previous church Pieve di Santa Maria and now stands at its place. The construction underwent rebuilding in Renaissance and baroque style and was finally renovated again in neo-mediaeval style between 1840 and 1865.
The façade was reworked in the nineteenth century in Romantic style for the bi-coloured features of white and red and for the form imitating Gothic style.Facing west, the lower part of the religious building has three portals and is completed with a walkthrough loggia of small arches featuring a string-course cornice. The high central part, crowned by a gable, contains a large rose window. The Gothical sculptures of the first constructive phase are conserved, among which most of the sculptures of the rose window and the symbols of the four evangelists positioned on the string-course cornice.
The façade was probably completed between 1338 and 1340 at the same time as the portal on the south side. The sixteenth-century restoration work included the insertion of two small lanterns at the top of the sides and two small obelisks at the ends of the gable. The right flank of the shows an interesting feature of two mullioned windows with two lights and a portal designed by the Florentine Giuseppe Castellucci or the Sienese Giuseppe Partini that is richly decorated with carved cornices and panels, containing a relief with Christ among the Evangelists.

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