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Burano lake

Burano lake

A beautiful coastal lagoon surrounded by sand dunes and Mediterranean maquis ... Burano is a true Oasis!

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The Burano Lake protected is WWF Oasis. It includes coastal sand dunes, Mediterranean maquis and a salty lake dominated by a tower. It is what remains of an ancient lake today connected to the sea through a semi-artificial canal.

The 12 kilometres long sandy shore is covered by typical dune vegetation. The sand dunes are covered by a Mediterranean maquis that consolidates and protects the background Mediterranean forest from the sea wind.

With more than 600 species of plants the rich flora comprises sea daffodil, Santolina, sea holly, western prickly juniper, Phoenician juniper, myrtle and cork oak. The lake banks are covered by common reed, bulrush, water lily etc... The fauna includes 274 bird species among which tufted ducks, common pochards, grebes, herons, flamingos, and many birds of prey like harriers and ospreys. Among the mammals there are porcupines, badgers, foxes, beech martens. 

The guided tour follows a sand bar (Tombolo) that divides the sea from the wetland. The path is approximately 2 Km in length. It is completely flat and of easy access even after storms. The visit takes about 2 hours to complete.


Agriturismo - Where to stay overnight:

0€ - 0€
Farm Holiday Aunti Orbetello

Farm Holiday Aunti

Orbetello (Grosseto)

€35 starting from
35€ - 45€
Farm Holiday I Tre Fossi Magliano in Toscana

Farm Holiday I Tre Fossi

Magliano in Toscana (Grosseto)

0€ - 0€
Farm Holiday La Speranza Manciano

Farm Holiday La Speranza

Manciano (Grosseto)

€35 starting from
35€ - 65€
Farm Holiday Torri Basse Magliano in toscana

Farm Holiday Torri Basse

Magliano in toscana (Grosseto)

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