• What to do at Easter 2022 ☀️ in the Tuscan Maremma and more ...

What to do at Easter 2022 ☀️ in the Tuscan Maremma

What to do at Easter 2022 ☀️ in the Tuscan Maremma
Enjoy your holidays this year! Whether it's Easter, April 25th or May 1st, don't miss the opportunity: leave, breathe and savor freedom in the Tuscan Maremma. - Agriturismoverde
What to do at Easter 2022 ☀️ in the Tuscan Maremma

What to do at Easter 2022 ☀️ in the Tuscan Maremma

Enjoy your holidays this year! Whether it's Easter, April 25th or May 1st, don't miss the opportunity: leave, breathe and savor freedom in the Tuscan Maremma.

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What to do at Easter 2022 in the Tuscan Maremma

Finally, nature awakens and the warm season begins, so what better time than Easter to have a weekend out of town?
Today, we try to provide some interesting ideas about the activities that can be done during the Easter period in Tuscan Maremma.
This period is ideal for spending joyful and lighthearted days in company, bringing home many good and funny memories.

Easter 2022 (in Maremma Tuscany) ideas and inspirations

Spring in the Tuscan Maremma is an enchanting season that allows numerous ideas and inspirations to spend a splendid Easter holiday.
For Easter 2022 in Tuscan Maremma we suggest relaxing walks (but also on horseback), to ride a mountain bike or to try canoe excursions on the Ombrone river inside the Maremma Park . These are anti-tip canoes, therefore also suitable for families with children.

To enjoy the spring vibe just venture down a path, along the riverbank, relax on the pristine beaches where you will find an extremely sweet microclimate, new scents and colors, enchanting landscapes that enclose history, ecosystem and biodiversity, villages in celebration and ancient cities.

Routes and itineraries in the Maremma Park

During the Easter period, the wildlife-forest path (A5-A6) is strongly recommended: here it is possible to cross the cork and oak woods.
It is also possible to meet herds of fallow deer, light and majestic, together with their pups.
Furthermore, always in spring, along this itinerary you can observe varied species of orchids of rare beauty, distinguishing even hundreds of them on the sides of the path. Naturally, the collection is forbidden and, in respect of fauna and flora, it is recommended to be quiet in order to see the splendid creatures that populate the park.
Moving on to the wetland itinerary in Bocca d'Ombrone (route A7), or north of the Ombrone (area of the Trappola marsh), you can admire flamingos and herons.

Easter Monday: Excursion to the Towers and a wonderful landscape

If you want to spend an original Easter Monday, the excursion to be held on April 18th in the Parco della Maremma is recommended: the excursion will focus on the discovery of two of the main towers of the park: Castelamarino and Collelungo, following the itinerary A2 - Le torri and A3 - Le Grotte.
The meeting point is scheduled at the Alberese Visitor Center at 09.30 in the morning and, after having embarked on the journey, during the excursion there will be a snack under the Collelungo tower.
Tickets cost € 30 and reservations are required.
For more information, please contact the Alberese Visitor Center at 0564 393238 or by writing to booking@parco-maremma.it.

Good Friday procession in Grosseto and in the Maremma villages

Concerning the Easter theme, a very ancient traditional procession happens on Good Friday. The Bishop leads the function from the Cathedral of Grosseto through the streets of the city center. walking together with the statue of the dead Christ and the Madonna of Sorrows. At the same time, an analogous situation occurs in various Maremma villages, such as in Buriano (near Castiglione della Pescaia). where the procession is preceded by "hooded" aka people wearing long black cassocks with flails at the hips, symbolizing the ancient figures of penitents for the betrayal of Christ on the evening of the Last Supper.

Food and wine in the Tuscan Maremma in Spring

During the spring season you can choose the first fruits such as fruit and vegetables, following the right seasonal cadence: for example, picking wild asparagus along paths and country roads, tasting seasonal foods such as artichokes, broad beans, courgettes, strawberries, apricots and cherries.
Furthermore, there are numerous festivals that come to life in some towns and villages with their medieval flavor and in which the first outdoor lunches or snacks of the season are offered on the seaside beaches or in the small and rustic country trattorias, as the days get longer, the air becomes warmer with a pleasant breeze.

What to do in Tuscan Maremma if it rains (at Easter)?

What if, unfortunately, the weather conditions don't turn in favor of excursions and days outdoors during your stay? Are there any activities?

  • In Grosseto city, it is possible to visit two interesting museums. Both located in ancient historic buildings in the city center: one is the Archaeological Museum with finds ranging from the Palaeolithic age to the Villanovan and Etruscan culture up to Roman and medieval remains found in surrounding archaeological sites. The other one, on the other hand, is the Museum of Natural History of the Maremma, a journey into the complex and ancient nature of this wonderful territory
  • We also recommend the Pinacoteca della Diocesi di Grosseto, adjacent to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, full of an abstract Gothic purity and where it is possible to witness the traditional Easter Concert held by the City of Grosseto Symphony Orchestra.
  • There is also the Municipal Aquarium of Grosseto, managed by the volunteers of the Underwater Club, who supply the living species recovered in the local maritime stretch and the Aquarium of Talamone, which houses examples of aquatic turtles of the "Caretta caretta": these species are often found beached and therefore transferred to the Sea Turtle Recovery Center to be subsequently released into the sea.
  • In the province of Siena there are two suggestive abbeys to visit: the closest one is the Abbey of San Galgano, a structure in full Gothic style, with the church without a roof: a shame, although probably that is where its magic and uniqueness lie.
    The second one is the Abbey of Sant'Antimo, where, especially on Easter occasioin, religious services are celebrated with Gregorian chants, a mystical and spiritual experience of excellence.

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