• Discovering the Butteri of Maremma - Info and Timetable and more ...

Discovering the Butteri of Maremma - Info and Timetable

Discovering the Butteri of Maremma - Info and Timetable
The buttero: the art of an ancient Maremma craft - Agriturismoverde
Discovering the Butteri of Maremma - Info and Timetable

Discovering the Butteri of Maremma - Info and Timetable

The buttero: the art of an ancient Maremma craft

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Every Wednesday from June to September 2023 at 5.30 pm at the Fattoria Il Marruchetone, BioAgriturismo Corte degli Ulivi in Roselle, Strada dello Sbirro (GR ) show of the Butteri Maremmani with guided tour of the Educational Farm with pony test for children, dinner based on typical dishes.
Info and reservations: +39 335 6511774 - info@cortedegliulivi.net

Butteri: the typical horseback shepherds of Maremma. They are known for their equestrian lifestyle, their attachment to the land, and rural traditions. Butteri are famous for their skills in horse training and livestock management, particularly herding cattle in the Maremma countryside.

Unmistakable with their wide-brimmed hats, pastrano coats, leather leg protectors, and the long hook that assists them in their daily work.
Throughout the centuries, butteri have played a fundamental role in managing herds of cattle in Maremma. Their presence was necessary for guiding and protecting the animals during seasonal migrations, as well as for breeding and selecting livestock.

Butteri were known for their exceptional equestrian skills. They trained horses to work closely with the livestock, using reins and guiding techniques to direct the herds through challenging terrain. Their expertise in horse riding and animal handling was crucial for maintaining order and safety within the herds.

Over time, butteri gained a reputation as courageous and skilled men in their field. They were regarded as prestigious figures in the local community and respected for their knowledge and competence in livestock farming.

However, with the advent of modernization and social changes, the role of butteri has diminished throughout the 20th century. Agricultural practices have transformed, and livestock farming has undergone significant changes with the adoption of more mechanized and industrial methods.

Nevertheless, butteri have maintained their identity and become a symbol of Maremma's culture and tradition. Today, equestrian shows and cultural events are still organized to preserve and celebrate the figure of the buttero, recognizing their historical and cultural contribution to the Maremma region.
Butteri remain a living symbol of Maremma's culture and identity, preserving their heritage and their connection to rural life. Watching them work evokes a sense of ancient times that still lives on in Maremma!

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