• Isola del Giglio ☀️ a paradise in Tuscany! and more ...

Isola del Giglio ☀️ a paradise in Tuscany!

Isola del Giglio ☀️ a paradise in Tuscany!
What to see on Giglio Island The Island of Giglio (video) What to see on Giglio Island The beautiful Island of Giglio is located in the center of the Tyrrhenian... - Agriturismoverde

Isola del Giglio ☀️ a paradise in Tuscany!

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What to see on Giglio Island

The beautiful Island of Giglio is located in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea, just 11 miles from the Argentario Promontory. With its 21 sq km it is second in size among the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and has about 1500 inhabitants who live mainly in Giglio Porto and Giglio Castello.

The island of Giglio is known above all for its natural beauties: the crystalline emerald sea, with its rich and fishy seabed, frame a territory that is still 90% wild where the low Mediterranean scrub still reigns with its colors and perfumes.

Beautiful sandy beaches and isolated coves, ancient paths immersed in a very rich nature, breathtaking views, a picturesque port and the suggestive medieval village of Giglio Castello make the island of Giglio a treasure to be discovered. It is the ideal destination for all those who love a genuine relationship with nature and the rustic village environment, the sea, walks, birdwatching, minerals and the fascinating underwater world.

The island of Giglio is spread over an area of ​​about 21 sq km, for a length of 8.3 km and a width of 4.7 km. With the exception of the Franco promontory (characterized by cavernous Triassic limestones and paleozoic quartzites), the Island of Giglio is made up almost exclusively of granite, and is mainly mountainous in nature. Its ridge reaches the maximum point in the Poggio della Pagana at 498 meters above sea level from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tuscan archipelago.

East coast path island of Giglio Much of the island of Giglio is covered with plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub. The only wood, a beautiful pine forest, is located on a promontory north of Giglio Castello around the Vecchio Faro. In the landscape there are small vineyards overlooking the sea where the typical Ansonco wine of the island is grown. The area invites you to venture along the numerous paths, some of which were once mule tracks used to reach other villages and fields (old terraces, once well cultivated, today covered by the Mediterranean scrub). Excursions to Giglio are particularly suitable in spring and autumn thanks to the mild climate. Furthermore, during the spring days the island explodes with colors and scents.

How to reach Giglio Island

Ferries to Giglio Island

Giglio Island can be reached by a one-hour boat ride from Porto Santo Stefano through the services of Navigazione Maregiglio and Toremar ferry companies. Ferry services are available daily, with increased frequency during the summer months.

See Maregiglio ferry schedules: (select the period)

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Mini Cruise

During the summer period, daily excursions and mini cruises are offered to the Giglio Island, where it is possible to have lunch on board. The mini cruises depart from Porto Santo Stefano, Castiglione della Pescaia or Talamone and include stops of about 3 hours on the island.
On the Giglio Island, the landing generally takes place in Giglio Porto, the lively and picturesque port of the island, rich in local craft shops. Not far away are the beaches of Cala dello Smeraldo and Spiaggia delle Cannelle for those who don't want to miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in their transparent waters.
A walk to the medieval village of Giglio Castello is a must, as it offers a splendid view from a natural panoramic terrace. The island is rich in points of interest, both historical-archaeological and botanical and geo-mining, as well as trails for trekking enthusiasts.

The Island of Giglio (video)

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Where to stay overnight:

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Beaches near Isola del Giglio

Spiaggia di Campese

Isola del Giglio (Grosseto)

Cala delle Caldane

Isola del Giglio (Grosseto)

Spiaggia delle Cannelle

Isola del Giglio (Grosseto)

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