• Top 10 ❤️ Ancient Villages in Tuscan Maremma !! and more ...

Top 10 ❤️ Ancient Villages in Tuscan Maremma !!

Top 10 ❤️ Ancient Villages in Tuscan Maremma !!
What to do and see in Maremma, land of ancient medieval villages! - Agriturismoverde

Top 10 ❤️ Ancient Villages in Tuscan Maremma !!

What to do and see in Maremma, land of ancient medieval villages!

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Maremma, enchanted land, dotted with splendid medieval ancient hamlets.

Far from chaos and haste, immerse yourself in these small and splendid masterpieces rich in history, tradition and unforgettable flavors.

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1. Sorano

Sorano, is a charming medieval hamlet in the province of Grosseto, considered the Matera of Tuscany because of its characteristic tuff stone buildings.

➡️  Sorano charming medieval village

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo near Sorano

2. Montemerano

In the quite part of the Maremma, Montemerano is a suggestive medieval hamlet of rare beauty, where time seems to have stopped to return to its visitors the magical atmospheres of a time long gone.

➡️  Montemerano

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo near Montemerano

3. Arcidosso

Arcidosso is one of the most suggestive hamlet of Monte Amiata. Imposing and characteristic, dominated by the imposing Aldobrandesca Tower which stands out over the village, its churches and the narrow streets that accompany it to the Castle.

➡️  Arcidosso, a village with an ancient flavor

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo Arcidosso

4. Talamone

Talamone: a small jewel of the Maremma dominated by the large Rocca degli Aldobrandeschi which stands out on the promontory and the village.

➡️  Talamone, a fortress built upon Greek legends

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo near Talamone

5. Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Tuscany. Its historic center is crossed by narrow streets and alleys that converge in the beautiful diagonal square where the spectacular Cathedral of San Cerbone stands and overlooked by many important buildings of the municipal age such as the Town Hall, the Palazzo del Podestà , the Mint, the Public Source and the Loggia del Mercato.

➡️  Massa Marittima

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo Massa Marittima

6. Magliano in Toscana

Magliano in Toscana: with its monuments and buildings that rise within the city walls, it is a place full of charm and evidence of its glorious past scattered throughout history.

➡️  Magliano in Tuscany the small town of olive trees and vineyards

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo Magliano in Tuscany

7. Pitigliano

Pitigliano reveals itself in the eyes of the tourist in all its charm, showing the splendid Medici aqueduct, built between 1636 and 1639 and formed by fifteen arches, two of which are huge and thirteen smaller.

➡️  Pitigliano

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo near Pitigliano

8. Montemassi

The village of Montemassi is located in the municipality of Roccastrada and in its highest part preserves the ancient castle which belonged to the powerful Aldobrandeschi family since the 11th century, who made it a vital center along the traffic routes of the salt.

➡️  Montemassi, the town that dominates the wide valley of the river Bruna

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo near Montemassi

9. Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia is gathered between the blue sea and the green hills. The village is an ancient fishing village, as the name of Pescaia has handed down, and in the picturesque port-canal there are pleasure boats of all kinds and every evening the fishing boats dock with their darting load. Perched on a spur of Monte Petriccio, the ancient medieval village develops closed by a formidable wall with towers, portals and a castle of the fifteenth century.

➡️  Castiglione della Pescaia a place with enchanting beaches

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo Castiglione della Pescaia

10. Manciano

The town stands perched on the top of a hill open to the four cardinal points, from which it is possible to look in any direction: from the Amiata to the Fiora valley, from Talamone to the shores of Montalto di Castro, from the Argentario to the Giglio islands and Montecristo. A country with magical and mysterious atmospheres; it is no coincidence that the popular saying "Manciano delle witch, where you go you can see it" is always remembered.

➡️  Manciano the country of magical atmospheres

Where to stay overnight: Agriturismo Manciano

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