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Monte Amiata

Monte Amiata

Where to stay overnight

A complicated and hybrid land nestled between the Val d’Orcia and the Maremma, Amiata is a hub of life and culture that, given its ancient nature rooted firmly in natural forces, can only be told through the elements. 

Amiata is a fertile land, which has fed its dedicated farmers for centuries, rewarding them generously with riches like mushrooms and chestnuts. Art and culture worthy of admiration have been sparked by this growth and development. The cultures of Siena and the Maremma meet here among the oak and chestnut forests of the six nature reserves in what priest and peace activist Ernesto Balducci, a native of Santa Fiora, called an “inland island”.

Water is the main element defining the personality of this region. In the Amiata the liquid flows three ways: there’s the water... 

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Where to stay overnight:

€25 starting from
Farm Holiday La Guinza Arcidosso

Farm Holiday La Guinza

Arcidosso (Grosseto)

€30 starting from
Farm Holiday Pratone Arcidosso

Farm Holiday Pratone

Arcidosso (Grosseto)

€38 starting from
Farm Holiday Valle Martina Manciano

Farm Holiday Valle Martina

Manciano (Grosseto)

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