• Cascate del Mulino❤️ Free thermal baths of Saturnia and more ...

Cascate del Mulino❤️ Free thermal baths of Saturnia

Cascate del Mulino❤️ Free thermal baths of Saturnia
Saturnia waterfalls, also known as Cascate del Mulino or del Gorello, Terme di Saturnia - Agriturismoverde
Cascate del Mulino❤️ Free thermal baths of Saturnia

Cascate del Mulino❤️ Free thermal baths of Saturnia

Saturnia waterfalls, also known as Cascate del Mulino or del Gorello, Terme di Saturnia

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The Terme di Saturnia are a group of hot springs located in the municipality of Manciano, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia. The springs feeding the baths, which are found in the south-eastern valley, cover a vast territory that stretches from Mount Amiata and the hills of Fiora and Albegna rivers to the Maremma grossetana at Roselle (Terme di Roselle) and Talamone (Terme dell'Osa).

The famous Saturnia waterfalls, also called Cascate del Mulino or Cascate del Gorello, are among the most loved and fascinating ones in the world.

The Cascate del Mulino are a set of thermal springs of sulphurous water found in Manciano in the Province of Grosseto, near to the spa town of Saturnia, in the Albegna river valley. We are in Maremma, the southern area of ​​Tuscany on the border with Lazio, between Monte Amiata and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The spa town of Saturnia is located sixty kilometers from Grosseto, in the center of an area that sees the villages of Manciano, Scansano and Pitigliano at its top.

The free thermal baths of Saturnia are famous throughout the world for the fabulous naturalistic context that adorns them: the huge limestone pools created over the centuries by the thermal waters rich in calcium are (almost) universally known.

The waters flow cascades from a level of tanks to another at a pleasant temperature even in winter, although they are the result of the flow that feeds the nearby establishment.

Montemerano (video):

The sound of the water gushing from steaming waterfalls echoes in the lush Maremma countryside. Immersed in nature, the Cascate del Mulino are pools carved into the rock, where the miraculous thermal water of Saturnia flows. The first encounter with the waterfalls is always exciting, especially when they can be seen from the provincial road coming from Montemerano. Stretched out over the valley, with the skyline of Saturnia as a frame. A spectacle of nature!

Cascate del Mulino, the earthly paradise

The Cascate del Mulino are called by different names on the net: cascatelle, cascate del Gorello and molino del bagno.
Actually, we are always talking about the same magical place, which is the natural waterfall originating from the Gorello thermal stream that comes out of the Terme di Saturnia® plant and that near the mill creates a waterfall and an articulated system of natural pools, giving life to the most popular tourist attraction of the Tuscan Maremma.
The site is open 24/7 and can be visited for free. The only thing required is compliance with the rules and principles of good manners. We also point out to those who want to swim, that the best place is the swimming pool park of the Terme di Saturnia®, one of the most beautiful spas in the world.

Thermal spring

The thermal water of Saturnia comes from the bowels of Monte Amiata, an ancient volcano.
The temperature of the water that flows from the volcanic source underground is constant 37 ° C (98.6 ° F).


Water has beneficial effects on respiratory disorders, skin problems and circulation.


The Cascate del Mulino is a place with free access.
You can visit them all year round, at any time

Opening time

Being a natural place, the falls are open 24/7.

Best visiting periods

The waterfalls are extremely popular and, in some periods, even too crowded. We recommend you to visit them early in the morning or at sunset, preferably in spring or in autumn. These are certainly the best moments for a visit if you want to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Visiting periods in the summer

From June to September the falls are always extremely popular, so we recommend waking up early in the morning and visiting them before 9 a.m. Otherwise, you should wait for the sunset after 8 p.m., when most people get ready for dinner. Another useful tip is to choose a midweek day for the visit.

Parking lots

There is free parking near the site. The parking is not guarded, so we advise you to be careful with your personal values.


There are no public toilets on the site, but you can use the restrooms from the bar next to the falls.

Changing room showers

There are no showers and changing rooms because we are talking about a natural place surrounded by nature. The best thing to do is to bring your clothes straight into the car and come to the falls prepared for a wild experience. Always remember that you are visiting a free and uncontaminated place.

The smell

The water is sulphureous. So, get ready for the typical acrid smell of sulfur, always bearing in mind that the active ingredients and health effects act thanks to this characteristic odor.

Eat and drink

Next to the site there is a bar that prepares hot and cold dishes. An automatic vending machine is also in operation. You can then eat there or go to Saturnia and Montemerano two beautiful villages a few minutes from the waterfalls where you can find restaurants, pizzerias and wine bars.

The falls at night

The Cascate del Mulino are always open, so you can visit them even at night. You need a torch as there is no lighting, but if you have a little spirit of adventure, a night visit under the full moon will be an unforgettable experience!


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