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Accesa Lake ☀️ Massa Marittima

Accesa Lake ☀️ Massa Marittima
Lago dell'Accesa, the small and mysterious lake of the Maremma, in Massa Marittima. - Agriturismoverde
Accesa Lake ☀️ Massa Marittima

Accesa Lake ☀️ Massa Marittima

Lago dell'Accesa, the small and mysterious lake of the Maremma, in Massa Marittima.

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Lago dell'Accesa, the small and mysterious lake of the Maremma

The Accesa Lake  is an enchanting and very small lake of just 14 hectares, about 50 m deep. Its crystalline waters emerge from underground springs and the seabed is rich in light sand, with areas where the water remains at a low level. Immersed in the nature of the Maremma and surrounded by a forest of oaks and holm oaks, it offers several picnic areas. In good weather, you must absolutely indulge in the refreshing experience of a dip, and a small strip of beach with fine sand awaits you.

The settlement found near the lake

The Accesa Lake is only 9 km from Massa Marittima and represents an interesting area both from the naturalistic and from the archaeological side. In fact, its banks have witnessed the Etruscan presence; This is confirmed by the findings of an ancient settlement dating back to the VII - VI century BC. which extended for tens of hectares, consisting of five residential districts and as many necropolises. It also seems to have arisen over pre-existing buildings, dating back to the 9th century BC

The settlement must have developed in the "peripheral area" of Vetulonia, to which it was connected by the current Bruna River, and exploited the nearby metalliferous deposits. It was abandoned around the sixth century BC, probably due to the exhaustion of the deposits themselves and has no longer been inhabited.
Since 2001 the entire area of ​​Accesa Lake has become a theme park of the Etruscan civilization. The archaeological site is divided into five districts, which can be visited through paths equipped with information panels, which illustrate the characteristics of the ancient center. There are also masonry houses, of which the stone bases, the water drainage systems, the furnaces for working metals and the necropolis with mound or pit tombs with a stone circle are visible. All the finds that have been found can be seen at the archaeological museum of Massa Marittima.

The Accesa Lake and its legends

Over the centuries, the Accesa Lake has also ignited popular imagination, giving rise to numerous legends, mostly linked to the origin of its name (the lake that lights up) as well as its anomalous depth and the presence of ancient Etruscan burials. Among the many, there is a legend that tells of ancient times, which describes a wheat field instead of the lake. The owner, disinterested in the celebrations in honor of S. Anna, protector of the reapers, forced his farmers to carry out their duties, even on the day dedicated to her, July 26. During the work, all peasants and oxen, sank into the ground and the lake appeared in the same spot. The legend also says that during the summer nights, sometimes, you can still hear the song of those poor farmers.

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