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Montemerano is situated, on the road between Manciano and Saturnia, on a hill in the Maremma countryside, embraced by a wall which, seen from above, recalls the shape of a heart, and in fact this splendid ancient village, with its cobbled streets , the arches, its views, really remains in the heart of every visitor and is considered the village of love.

The area called Castello is the oldest part where all the buildings that made up the castle itself, Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo Aldobrandeschi and in the center the famous Piazza Castello, where the knights trained in the art of the game, are located.

On the buildings, made of stone, the colors of the flowers with which balconies and loggias are decorated stand out as in a painting.

To see the Church of San Giorgio full of medieval charm, a real jewel of Romanesque art in which there is the panel painting of the Madonna della Gattaiola, which was placed as a partition between the sacristy and the pantry, it seems that this curious name is due to a hole that would have been made to allow the passage of cats to protect the food contained here.

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Agriturismo - Where to stay overnight:

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