• WWF Oasis Lake Burano ☀️ Capalbio and more ...

WWF Oasis Lake Burano ☀️ Capalbio

WWF Oasis Lake Burano ☀️ Capalbio
Lake Burano, the first italian WWF Oasis, in Capalbio, rich in fauna and flora. - Agriturismoverde
WWF Oasis Lake Burano ☀️ Capalbio

WWF Oasis Lake Burano ☀️ Capalbio

Lake Burano, the first italian WWF Oasis, in Capalbio, rich in fauna and flora.

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The WWF Oasis of Lake Burano

The history of the WWF Lake Burano Oasis also represents the beginning of the history of WWF in Italy, as it was the first to be born in our country. The nature reserve covers about 410 hectares and more than 600, previously designated for hunting, through the creation of a closed fund in accordance with the ownership of the land, a company called SACRA. The Oasis is located in the southern Maremma, between Ansedonia and Chiarone, located in the municipality of Capalbio (GR).

Environment, Flora and Fauna

Environment and Flora

The lake is actually a brackish coastal pond, derived from an ancient lake, formed following the emergence of a sandy strip (tombolo). The surface is currently 140 hectares with an average depth of about 1 meter.
The coast still extends intact for 12 kilometers with the pioneer vegetation characteristic of the sandy beach; immediately behind rises the dune or tombolo covered by a Mediterranean scrub band, which consolidates the soil and protects the residual edge of the evergreen Mediterranean forest from the sea wind, rich in junipers, cork oaks, holm oaks, but also myrtle, phillyrea , mastic, rosemary… (over 500 species of plants).


The oasis is home to a huge variety of birds (more than 300 species) and among the most characteristic are the pochard, the tufted duck, the coot, the marsh harrier and the water rail; among mammals, on the other hand, porcupines, badgers, foxes, weasels, wild boars and lately also wolves, which use the reserve during long journeys or for shorter or longer periods, based on the availability of prey represented by otters , wild boars, but also from the many cuddles of the prickly juniper.

The nature trail, also equipped for the disabled, runs along the dune and overlooks the lake with 7 observation points, consisting of six huts and a lookout tower; at the Visitor Center, didactic (entomological) nature trails and a "butterfly garden" have also been created. There is also a guesthouse (6 beds), reserved for WWF members.


The Burano Oasis is normally open from 1 September to 1 May. In particular circumstances, the Oasis may be closed for reasons beyond our control. It is therefore advisable to always contact the office before making a visit.

Guided tours only, on Sundays at 10.00 and 14.30 (daylight saving time 15.00). Groups and school groups every day, by reservation.

Summer visits, in July and August, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday by appointment only, at 5.30 pm.

For more information: wwf.it

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