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What to See in Maremma ❤️ Top 10

What to See in Maremma ❤️ Top 10
Must see in Tuscany Maremma: Top 10 things to see! - Agriturismoverde

What to See in Maremma ❤️ Top 10

Must see in Tuscany Maremma: Top 10 things to see!

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1. Argentario

A diamond sets on the coast, the Argentario has the charm of the island and the convenience of the mainland. Two countries to discover: Porto S. Stefano, a lively and colorful urban center and Porto Ercole, enclosed between fortifications, crossroads of narrow streets and colorful buildings.

➡️  Porto Ercole

Where to sleep: Farm Holidays nearby Argentario

2. Grosseto

Grosseto, the largest city in the Maremma, is a fortified star: 2,900 meters of powerful hexagon-shaped walls, ramparts and guard houses. Inside the medieval historic center, you can find many civil and religious monuments.

➡️  Grosseto, the capital of Maremma

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Grosseto

3. Capalbio

Capalbio preserves ancient atmospheres and, more than a town, it is an ancient castle of stands, embrasures and patrol paths, with walls dating back to the fifteenth century. Capalbio attracts demanding tourists who enjoy the charm of medieval lanes, the pristine coast and sea and the beauty of the surrounding woods.

➡️  Capalbio, the city overlooking the sea

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Capalbio

4. Massa Marittima

The charm that pervades Massa Marittima is truly unique and it materializes in the splendid Piazza Garibaldi, overlooked by the Palaces of the Podestà and the Priori and where the imposing Romanesque-Gothic construction of the Cathedral stands out. Walking in the village among the historic buildings, there are wonderful views over the countryside and the sea.

➡️  Massa Marittima

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Massa Marittima

5. Pitigliano

Pitigliano reveals itself to the tourists in all its charm. The infinite series of alleys, narrow streets, small stairways and views that open overhanging the cliff below, make it a unique and enchanting place.

➡️  Pitigliano

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Pitigliano

6. Parco dell'uccellina

Among the intense aromas of aromatic herbs, colored berries and the calls of animals, the Uccellina Park (Maremma regional park) welcomes the visitor showing its sweet but also wild side. A contrast of elements that awakens and releases the pleasure of feeling in a rediscovered paradise.

➡️  Maremma Park

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Maremma Park

7. Isola del Giglio

Like a pearl in an oyster, the small island of Giglio lies cradled by warm blue seas in the southern corner of the Tuscan Archipelago. The mild climate of the Giglio, the uncontaminated nature, the crystal-clear water and the emerald color offer unforgettable holidays all the year.

➡️  Isola del Giglio

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Isola del Giglio

8. Cascatelle di Saturnia

The enchanting Cascatelle di Saturnia (or Cascate del Mulino) are an expanse of small natural pools carved into the limestone rock, where hot and sulphurous water, rich in therapeutic properties, flows all year around 37 °. Also called Cascate del Mulino, they are actual free spas, accessible for free all year round, even at night.

➡️ Cascate del Mulino, Free thermal baths of Saturnia

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Saturnia

9. Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia is gathered between the blue sea and the green hills. The village is an ancient fishing village, as the name of Pescaia has handed down, and in the picturesque port-canal there are pleasure boats of all kinds and every evening the fishing boats dock with their darting load. Perched on a spur of Monte Petriccio, the ancient medieval village develops closed by a formidable city wall with towers, portals and a 15th century castle.

➡️  Castiglione della Pescaia: a place with enchanting beaches

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Castiglione della Pescaia

10. Scansano

Scansano was born in the hilly Maremma hinterland along a strip of land between the coast and the slopes of Mount Amiata. The landscape is characterized by green hills dense with pastures and lined with rows of vineyards and olive trees whose colors change from season to season. The town is famous for the remarkable success of the red wine of its territory, the Morellino. In Scansano and its surroundings, wine bars and cellars are always open for tasting this lively wine, with an intense flavor and refined aromas.

➡️  Scansano ❤️ the village of Morellino

Where to stay: Farm Holidays nearby Scansano

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