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Maremma Park

Maremma Park

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The Maremma Park is in the province of Grosseto in the town councils of Grosseto, Magliano in Tuscany and Orbetello. The Maremma Park, with its range of hills descending towards the sea to reach the sandy beaches and cliffs,  spreads from the mouth of the Ombrone river till it reaches Talamone, along 25 km of the breathtaking Tuscan coastline surrounded by marshland, pinewood forests, tilled land and pastures.

 With the scent of aromatic herbs and colorful berries and the cry of its wildlife, the Park greats visitors unveiling both its gentle and primitive nature. A clash of elements which awakens the need to be pampered in a newfound paradise. A chance to “set the clock hands back”, in tune with the soul.



Wo übernachten:

€25 von beginnen
Bauernhof Podere Pola Alberese

Agriturismo Podere Pola

Alberese (Grosseto)

€35 von beginnen
Bauernhof Le Frasche Alberese

Agriturismo Le Frasche

Alberese (Grosseto)

€33 von beginnen
Bauernhof Al Vermigliano Alberese

Agriturismo Al Vermigliano

Alberese (Grosseto)

Bauernhof Terre Regionali Toscane Alberese
€22 von beginnen
Bauernhof Tolmezzo Alberese

Agriturismo Tolmezzo

Alberese (Grosseto)

€28 von beginnen
Bauernhof Turin Alberese

Agriturismo Turin

Alberese (Grosseto)

€30 von beginnen
Bauernhof Allegro S.S.S.A. Alberese

Agriturismo Allegro S.S.S.A.

Alberese (Grosseto)

€35 von beginnen
Bauernhof La Fata Alberese

Agriturismo La Fata

Alberese (Grosseto)

€40 von beginnen
Bauernhof Il Laghetto Alberese

Agriturismo Il Laghetto

Alberese (Grosseto)

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